Peer Review Process

Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi is a double blind peer-reviewed journal. The Journal examine the manuscript including its relevance to journal's topics, format and content, which will be completed within 3 (three) weeks of submission. For original manuscript which needs improvement in its format and content, the Editorial Team will return the manuscript along with their comments and provide 2 (two) weeks by default to make an improvement and resubmit the article.

Once the manuscript passed the peer review process, the Editorial Team will process the double-blind review with an estimated time between 1-3 months. The Authors need to regularly check Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi website for review status.  The author must not withdraw the processed manuscript to other journals during double blind review. After the double-blind review process finished, the Authors are promptly informed of the acceptance/revision/rejection of the manuscript. The reviewers' comments are also sent to the Authors as the guidance for improvement and if required, the Authors need to resubmit the revised manuscript before specified due date.

Once the authors get publication acceptance, the Editorial Team will edit the layout, figures, table, charts, and ask for approval from the corresponding authors as needed. The Editorial team will also send a Microsoft Word-formatted form to the Authors for any change requests in the manuscript. The Authors are expected to have prompt communication with the Editorial Team during publication process. After the final version of the manuscript is ready, the Editorial Team will proceed for publication.