Retraction, Withdrawal & Correction (R-W-C) Policy

Retraction, Withdrawal & Correction (R-W-C) Policy

Retraction Policy
The Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi takes the quality of published research very seriously. In some cases, we may need to retract an article if there are major errors that make the conclusions wrong. Errors can be accidental (ie. typos) or on purpose (ie. making up data).
The journal editorial team will also retract articles if an article has been published somewhere else already without permission, or if there are plagiarism or authorship problems.
To make sure retractions are done fairly and correctly, Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi follows a specific process.
Anyone can tell the editorial team if they think an article might need a retraction (through the email
The editorial team then checks the article carefully, following guidelines set by a group that promotes research ethics.
The editorial team consult to an ethics committee to get advice and decides whether to retract the article and tells the author and anyone else who needs to know.
The journal also publishes a retraction notice online in Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi website.
It's important to note that even if someone owns the copyright to an article, the journal can still retract it if there are serious problems to make sure accurate scientific information available.

Withdrawal Policy
The Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi does not allow authors to withdraw their work once it is submitted for review. This is to respect the time and effort from editors, reviewers, and publishers. Before submitting your work, authors need to confirm that authors understand this policy. If something truly urgent comes up and authors absolutely must withdraw the manuscript, please send a written approval from both all related authors, sent directly to the the Journal Manajemen Teknology Editor-in-Chief (email:

Correction Policy
The Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi wants to make sure everything published is accurate. We might issue a correction if:
There is an insignificant mistake in an otherwise good article, especially if it comes from an honest accident.
There is an issue with the author list, like someone being left off or included by mistake.
There are different types of corrections depending on who made the mistake:
Journal mistake: This is a "publisher correction" and happens if the journal staff messed up something during editing or publishing.
Author mistake: This is an "author correction" and happens if the researchers who wrote the article made a mistake.
Missing information: If the researchers forgot to include some important details, they can add an "addendum" to their article.
The journal editorial team will decide what kind of correction is needed, sometimes by talking to the reviewers or other experts.
The journal editorial team will also reach out to the authors to seek more clarification.

Article Removal
In extremely rare cases, there may be a necessity to remove a published article from our online platform. This action will only be contemplated in instances where an article is unequivocally defamatory, infringes upon the legal rights of others, is subject to a court order or anticipated to be, or could pose a significant health risk if acted upon. In such situations, while the article's metadata, including the title and author information, will be retained, the content of the article will be replaced with a notification indicating that the article has been removed due to legal considerations.

Article Replacement
If there arises a scenario where an article, upon implementation, could pose a significant health hazard, the authors of the original paper may opt to withdraw the flawed version and replace it with a corrected one. In such cases, the retraction process detailed above will be executed, with the exception that the article retraction notice will feature a link to the corrected and republished article, along with a record of the document's history.