Aim and Scope

The Asian Journal of Technology management aims to promote interdisciplinary research regarding the special problems and opportunities related to technology management fields in Asia and its effects beyond.

As we are facing a fast-changing Asia, where old customs and tradition meet technology adoption and the government, industry, corporations; the journal intends to take part in the swift change and is filling a niche in management publications. The journal is particularly interested in publishing research articles in the intersection of technology and management topics in creating competitive advantage of corporations and nations in Asia.

Further, the journal is intended as an instrument for individuals conducting research on technology management at both micro and macro levels of analysis as well as its relationship with other managerial functions such operations, marketing, finance, and human resource. It publishes research articles by worldwide scholars, practitioners, and those interested in technology and management practices in Asian context.

The subject coverage of AJTM includes all aspects of technology management such as:

  • National innovation system
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Product development
  • Research and development
  • Cross-cultural and technological change
  • Technology and competitiveness
  • Technology policy and strategy
  • Technology transfer
  • Technology in economics
  • Technology in finance
  • Technology in marketing
  • Technology in human resources
  • Technology in operations and supply chain
  • Technology in decision making and negotiation
  • Technology and community development

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal and since 2019 is currently publishing three issues annually. The editorial team is actively encouraging authors also to submit articles for upcoming issues. Articles must be written in good English and should generally contain between 3,000 and 6,000 words and can include charts, tables, diagrams, illustrations, or photos of high resolution. For article submission details, please read the the Author Guidelines section.