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Discovering business communication models for social entrepreneurship in efforts to increase brand awareness case study : hear me

Zukry Budi Setiawan, Sri Hartati


Abstract In this study the authors wanted to find out how the business communication model applied by Hear Me in an effort to increase brand awareness. As a new social entrepreneurship, Hear Me needs to apply a good business communication model in order to compete with competitors and be accepted by potential customers. The method used to find data in this study is a descriptive qualitative method, n which the writer conducts in-depth interviews with members and potential customers of Hear Me. Data from the results of data collection then analyzed using data reduction, display data, and making conclusions. The results of the research conducted several business communication models applied by Hear Me, namely Linear Communication Model where the form of application is media communication, Interksional Communication Model by establishing relationships with potential ustomers and Transactional Communication Models that occur when following events in an effort to achieve the same meaning for those involved in the communication process. Some recommendation that Hear Me can applied based on the analysis include increasing information to the Community of Deaf Friends, using other types of social media, communicating with the government, and launching the applications.

Keyword Business Communication Model, Brand Awareness, Social Entrepreneurship


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