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Job Analysis in Improving Employee Performance of Siliwangi Harley Davidson

Miqdam Chakra Maulana Putra, Aria Bayu Pangestu


Abstract. The employee of Siliwangi Harley Davidson feels demotivated about their work since they’re experiencing an overlapping work. They feel that they work more than they should with the same salary received. Therefore, the employee performance of Siliwangi Harley Davidson is also decreased. The purpose of this research is to analyse how are the current job description and what factor in the current job description in Siliwangi Harley Davidson, affecting the slow performance of its employees. Also, this researcher aims to redesign a suitable job description for Siliwangi Harley Davidson. The data was collected through interview both with the owner and the employee and analysed the current job description and organisational structure of Siliwangi Harley Davidson. The result shows that the company only had a job description that consists of what task the employee should do. Lack of coordination is also happened by not having a proper job description for all the employee. Therefore by implementing the job description and job specifications that made from job analysis it can help the company to regain the employee motivation to work again, places the employee in their best position, and a better workflow.

Keywords: Demotivated, Employee performance, Job analysis, Siliwangi Harley Davidson, Standardisation


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