Relationship Among Online Learning, Digital Competencies, And Digital Organizational Culture Towards Generation Z Individual Performance During Hybrid Internship Activity, Study Case: MBKM Internship


  • Rahadyan Pramudito Kumarasakti
  • Achmad Fajar Hendarman


In Digitalized era, the pandemic of Covid-19 is requiring a huge transformation on how employees work inside a company. List of employees includes the Interns of Generation Z which are newcomers to the labor market. The Hybrid Internship is becoming an event to adapt to the pandemic conditions. Furthermore, along with the digital industry being developed worldwide it requires deeper understanding of factors that become a variable for Generation Z Individual Performance. There is still a lack of Journal of research that conducts research mainly focused on Generation Z with several variables related with the growing digitized industry. This opportunity became an ideal condition for testing several variables that related with the Generation Z Individual Performance. This research uses Quantitative approach with the Multiple Regression Analysis to measure relationships among variables and Qualitative approach by Interview to get insight from the industry. Research findings showed there is a positive and significance relationship among Digital Competencies and Digital Organizational Culture towards the Generation Z Individual Performance and also there is no relationship between Online Learning towards Generation Z Individual Performance.

Keywords: Digital Competencies, Digital Organizational Culture, Generation Z, Individual Performance, Online Learning