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Why do people continue to use gamification apps

Cheng-Kui Huang


Abstract. There are numerous apps which have been installed on our mobile devices to proffer various services for our special needs. One type of apps, called gamification apps, is defined as an app which is developed for the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Gamification apps provide a strong game-like incentive to encourage users utilizing this kind of app for achieving some purposes specified by themselves or app providers. They require lots of cost to be developed by enterprises; however, users may be influenced by ads or their friends to install and use gamification apps for once and feel boring; they might discontinue to use them immediately or gradually. The result is upset for gamification providers because they are going to lose their costs and benefits. Hence, this study proposes an empirical study to explore that what reasons could make users continue to use gamification apps. If gamification providers can know how to keep users continuing usage, they can prevent to lose costs and benefits. The investigation involving 286 usable subjects to evaluate the model by using structural equation modeling. The result demonstrates that our proposed model explains 64.4% of the variance.

Keywords: Continuance usage; Post-adoption study; Individual level; Gamification app; Exercise


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