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The Influence of User Interface Design and User Experience to E-Loyalty (Case Study of Online Transportation : GO-JEK)

Geraldine Hizkia Tanuwijaya, Yulianto Suharto


Abstract. In this technology era, smartphone and internet are two things that could not be separated from human’s daily activity. According to APJII (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia), smartphone penetration in Indonesia is 43% with nearly 64 million Indonesian people who use their smartphones on their daily basis. M-Commerce in Indonesia also shows a significant growth with two biggest players in Online Transportation are GO-JEK and Grab. Based on the research from Qingfei and Shaobo (2008), as m-commerce companies, both GO-JEK and Grab should keep on developing its features and experiences to match the market’s taste. This research intends to analyze the positive influence of User Interface to E-Loyalty and identify whether User Experience moderates the positive influence of User Interface to E-Loyalty or not. This research would utilize Structural Equation Modelling to analyze the framework. Questionnaire was spreaded to 385 GO-JEK users as samples for this research. The result of this research turns to be Customization, Character, and Convenience influences positively to Satisfaction which leads to E-Loyalty. Customization also influences positively to Switching Cost which affects to E-Loyalty. Therefore, the researcher suggests GO-JEK to emphasize on how to create Satisfaction and higher Switching Cost that would keep the customers loyal.

Keywords : M-Commerce ; Online Transportation ; User Interface ; User Experience ; E-Loyalty


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