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SWOT-TOWS analysis of commercialization products in clusters: A preliminary case study

Sri Herliana, Nur Lawiyah, Donald Crestofel Lantu, Mia Rosmiati, Qorri Aina


Abstract. The development of SMEs in commercializing their products not only affects SMEs independently, but also has an impact on the surrounding environment. Pojok Cimahi appeals to the research team's attractiveness to further explore the potentials and factors affecting the commercialization of chips products in this cluster. The commercialization stage includes the stages of market launch, product training and introduction, and sales support. Respondents from this study are the SMEs in this cluster. Hopefully, from this study can be useful for the development of clusters in Pojok Cimahi itself or similar clusters in other areas, and useful as well as a policy matter for the government and as a reference for further research. From early studies concluded that the process of commercialization in clusters of chips in Pojok Cimahi is on the production side where they want to innovate on the advice of the customer, as well as each SME has a pattern of product commercialization of its own, especially each SME has a raw material supplier of fixed and customers fixed, and they foster good relations with their own way, so that the process of commercialization of the product can continue to grow even without doing other promotions process.

Keywords: commercialization; swot analysis; cluster chips; Pojok Cimahi


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