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Indicator of Successful Incubator in Indonesia: Comparison between University-based Incubator and Private Business Incubator

Aang Noviyana Umbara, Liane Okdinawati, Eko Agus Prasetio


Abstract. Startups creation is an indication of the growing number of entrepreneurs, which ultimately burgeon the employment number. Currently, the government and private sector seek to engage in generating entrepreneurs who conceivably could improving the economic conditions of the nation. One of the ways to do this is by creating an incubator. An incubator ideally should have a performance appraisal guidance as a self-assessment. This study attempts to fill in the literature gap that was scantly exploring the performance indicators through comparison of the university-based incubators with the private incubators. This research employs a qualitative approach through an in-depth interview with the main actors that directly supervise and manage the incubator. The results show that the success indicator of incubator generally based on the purpose of the incubator. Private business incubator more likely to be more optimal in ensuring the startup becomes independent and achieving fast-growth. Meanwhile, the university-based incubator concerned on how the incubation process being carried out in order to provide entrepreneurial learning. The implications are for incubator managers and policymakers to look at the evaluation for current analysis as well as a solid basis for the incubator improvement.

Keywords: key performance indicator; university-based incubator; private business incubator


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