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Business Strategy Formulation for Small Medium Enterprise in Kampung Inggris Indonesia

Raqib Muhammad, Santi Novani


The growth of alternative English study learning in Indonesia can be determined by signally developing of Kampung Inggris Pare, in East java. The small district located in Pare-Kediri (East Java) known as Kampung Inggris. The location provided by many English Institutions (Formal and Non-formal Education), in 2000 English Village had 20 institutions and increase of up to 145 institutions in 2015 until the location is estimated to be more than hundreds in 2018. Test English School is an alternative English course program that focuses on standardized English language tests preparation (TOEFL and IELTS) and scholarship coaching, located in Kampung Inggris. Since its establishment in 2013, TEST English School alumni have gone all over the globe to work abroad or to pursue higher education at master and doctoral level. The revenue report indicates that the growth of business runs in promising from 2013-2017 with significantly desired result until 2018 profit shows the decreasing revenue. The management on the yearly report provided the potential issues to handle based on the analysis from 2018 condition. Business owner needs insight to analyse current condition of the business from internal and external related to revenue decreasing in order to develop strategy for 2020.

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