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Role of Supplier/Business relationship in curbing bullwhip effect in the supply chain network for Small to Medium Enterprises

Malkiel Sitepu, Ira Fachira


Abstract. This study explored the tools used in curbing the bullwhip effect. The paper is dedicated for small to medium enterprises to grow and thrive in their business using the most effective method that is in their capacity and capability. This qualitative research is followed by a case study on a company whose Chief Executive Officer was interviewed thus contributing data to this research. Though any method of forecasting or management will not avoid the bullwhip effect where order-up-to replenishment policy is instituted, this paper seeks to provide the most optimized way to minimize the bullwhip effect that any small to medium enterprise may adapt without having capital-extensive investment in which they may not yet have nor acquired.

Keywords : Supply Chain Management; Lean Supply Chain; Agile Supply Chain; Supplier Relationship Management; Vendor Managed Inventory; Bullwhip Effect; Total Quality Management; Small to Medium Enterprises


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