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Customer Acceptance Toward New Technology for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Jaka Purwanto, Jacob Silas Mussry


Abstract. Government have three major concerned issues related to: increasing oil import, CO2 emission reduction, and current account deficit. One of solution is to reduce oil consumption which will impact to improve those three major concerned issues. For solution in automotive sector, Government have established roadmap of alternative fuel: bio-diesel B30 (year 2020), bio-gasohol E20 (year 2025), CNG (year 2025). Government also have developed LCEV program to motivate car maker to produce low carbon emission vehicle that more economical fuel. For this reason, Government already declared market share target of electrified vehicle 20% by 2025. Objective of LCEV program is for harmonization of vehicle luxury tax based on level of exhaust CO2 emission. Lower CO2 emission will have lower vehicle luxury tax. Industry must support LCEV program by developing new technology of electrified vehicle. One of alternative of electrified vehicle is hybrid electric vehicle. It is important to confirm customer’s acceptance level, whether Government incentive is sufficient to cover the additional cost due to new technology adoption. Therefore, automotive makers need to analyse carefully and set an appropriate action plan to be able to set up vehicle price that meet customer’s acceptance level in order to fulfil government target of electrified vehicle 20% by 2025.

Keyword: customer acceptance; Government incentive; hybrid electric vehicle; state deficit; vehicle price


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