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The Practice of Digitalization in Improving Customer Experience of Indonesian Commercial Aviation Industry

Muhammad Irfan Nurhadi, Nilanthi Ratnayake, Ira Fachira


Abstract. The paper examines the relation between tangible dimension (direct evidence) or facilities to customer satisfaction and how the practice of digitalized facilities could increase customer experience during air travel in Indonesia. Relating tangible dimension with customer touchpoints adopted from (Glab, 1998), (Sykes and Desai, 2009), (Mattig and Hausweiler, 2017), (Barich et al., 2016) resulted to factors that create air travel experience, such as: booking process, check-in process including boarding pass and baggage handler, immigration, airport transportation, airport connectivity such as wi-fi and in-flight entertainment. Opinions from 180 passengers were gathered and analyzed with quantitative approach such as one-way Anova and Spearman’s rank correlation. The findings show that regardless the frequency of flights taken in the past year, passengers are mostly dissatisfied with the wi-fi in Indonesian airport and Indonesian airlines in-flight entertainment. Moreover, the practice of digitalized facilities of passenger’s touchpoints has a positive significant impact toward passengers’ experience. The paper also offers some suggestions that the practice of digitalization should be implemented effectively in the facilities or touchpoints examined.

Keywords: Customer experience; Passenger touchpoints; Digitalization; Airports and Airlines Facilities


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