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Feasibility Study of Apartment Project of PT XYZ

Naura Tasya Qonita, Mandra Lazuardi Kitri


Abstract. Reflecting on the increase in the number of expatriates that work in one of the townships located in Bekasi regency, adequate residential that close to the workplace is preferably needed for them. Therefore PT XYZ, one of the property developer company in Bekasi regency have an idea to increase their income source by developing a new residential in the form of the apartment with an international standard design to satisfy the need of expatriate to work, live, do business, and enjoying their life in the same area. Since the company needs a large of fund to finance this project, the company need to conduct a feasibility analysis of this project to know this investment project worth doing or not for future investment. Throughout the paper, the author wants to assess the feasibility study based on financial aspect using capital budgeting techniques, which are Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period, and Profitability Index. In addition, the risk analysis needs to be conducted by using the sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation. The result shows this investment project is worth doing as a future investment with very low risk.

Keywords: Feasibility Study; Apartment; Property; Investment Project


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