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Social Enterprise Strategy to Empower Business of Undeprivileged Family Through Incubation Program for Sustainability in Indonesia

Yasser Syaiful, Bambang Rudito


Abstract. Education has become crutial thing not only for Indonesia but also for every country in the world, thus it were declarated in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by all 191 United Nation member states as the eight international development goals (Achieve Universal Primary Education). Moreover, education also become part of Sustainable Development Goals Number 4. Education is the key that will allow many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achieved. When people are able to get quality education thus they can break the cycle of poverty. Education therefore helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality and also empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives for every country in the world. However, Education in development country especially in Indonesia fuels concerns. Indonesia rank in 62 out 70 countries in Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015-2016 in term of mathematics, science and reading. (, furthermore Indonesia has low number of education participation or in other word student dropped-out case in Indonesia still being nationally attention. In this research using participant observation as main method which usually 12 steps that we called also as Developmental Research Sequence (DRS) used to understand the culture of group of society for a certain period of time. Hence it called ethnography. This research using participant observation within 4 months observation with the client, participant observation is is the process enabling researchers to learn about the activities of the people understudy in the natural setting through observing and participating in those activities Moreover, the output of this research would be more on business strategy in order to increase students parent income. As the main result, the strategy as complementing incubator program into four stage of business incubation as well as product development and marketing initiatives such as rebranding has successfully helps student’s family income increased by 10% month to date July 2019.

Keywords: Social entrepreneur ; Education ; Business Incubator ; Participant Observation ; Sustainability

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