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User`s Acceptance of Biometric Authentication System

Salsabila Dona Sunandi, Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto


Abstract. The rising of document fraud and identity theft, alongside with new threats such as cybercrime has led to the understandable changes in a global scale which requires a new technological solution to be implemented. Biometric authentication comes as a solution, which refers as the application of computational methods to biological features, especially with regard to the study of unique biological characteristics of human (Hopkins, 1999). It has successfully established itself as a relevant manner to identify and authenticate individuals in a reliable and fast way, by using individual’s unique biological characteristics. The use of biometric systems for personal authentication is a response to the rising issue of authentication and security. This paper aims to determine the factors that influence the. user’s acceptance of using biometric authentication system that involves university students in Indonesia. To examine the user’s acceptance of using biometric authentication system, this paper integrates the advanced version of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and analyze the data using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) to 1000 university students in Indonesia. The results indicate that all factors are significantly affecting the user’s acceptance of using biometric authentication system as a better securuity measure to customers unless one variable notably social influence.

Keywords: Biometric Authentication Sytem; Biometrics; Security; User’s Acceptance; Technology Acceptance Model


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