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Using Customer Journey Mapping to Assess Brand Experience Success, Comparing Gormeteria and Ambrogio Patisserie

Brenda Brenda, Budi Permadi Iskandar


Abstract. Nowadays, the foodservice industry in Indonesia continues to grow and the market ends up being progressively competitive, customers are facing countless choices when they chose to eat out in a restaurant. The primary way for a restaurant to fully differentiate their brand is by understanding the experience that customers have throughout the consumption process. Therefore, enhancing the brand experience is a legitimate way to endure the market, as these days, the customers are seeking experiential appeals in every aspect of their daily activity. This research seeks to assess the brand experience in two full-service restaurants, Gormeteria and Ambrogio Patisserie, using Customer Journey Mapping technique. The qualitative approach was used in this research by conducting in-depth, semi-structured interview to 14 purposive samples who had visited both Gormeteria and Ambrogio Patisserie. Through the Open Coding, Customer Journey Mapping, and Sentiment Analysis, the findings indicate that Gormeteria succeeds in delivering a well-design and well-maintained brand experience. The results of this research are expected to help full-service restaurants owners in creating a point of difference by designing brand experience in their restaurants.

Keywords: Brand experience; Customer journey mapping; Sentiment analysis; Food-service industry; Full-service restaurants


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