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The Development of Human Capital at Wendy’s Cihampelas Walk Using Competency Based Human Resource Management (CBHRM) Implementation

Teresa Christanto, Rudy Bekti


Abstract. Becoming one of the developing countries in Asia, Indonesia has many potentials in its industry. The most significant industrial development is Food and Beverage. This big contribution of food and beverage industry in Indonesia leads to the increasing number of the restaurant as part of this industry. Bandung, as the capital city of West Java, is the biggest contributor to the development of the restaurant industry based on BPS statistic data 2017. According to the official website of several fast food restaurants in Bandung, there are 5 biggest fast food restaurant based on its branches distribution. Wendy’s has the fewest branch among them. In order not to lag behind others and increase the competitiveness, Wendy’s Cihampelas Walk as one of Wendy’s branch in Bandung needs to develop its human capital more using the approach called Competency Based Human Resources (CBHRM) that they already implemented. This research aims to find which aspect needs to be improved from the CBHRM implementation by using the canonical correlation analysis method. The result of this research is to know the lacking factor of CBHRM which will be expected to help the company focus on improving the aspect.

Keywords: Competency Based Human Resource Management ;Human Capital Development;Competency


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