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Analyzing Unique Resources of Family Business as Strategy to Maintain and Develop Business in CV Setia Budi Jaya Bandung

Alya Halidazia, Donald Crestofel Lantu


Abstract. The role of family business has been able to contribute to the economy and entrepreneurial world. However, family business is hard to maintain especially when the ownership and control is carried out by family members across generations. In order to respond, this research has the objective to analyze the unique resources and attribute of family business in order to maintain and develop the business as resources are the foundation for determining the company's long-term strategy. This study specifically analyzed in CV Setia Budi Jaya as one of family business in Indonesia. These unique resources and attribute of family business was developed by Sirmon and Hitt that consist of human capital, social capital, patient financial capital, survivability capital, and governance structure and cost. Data were later analyzed using descriptive and qualitative techniques with semi-structured interview. The descriptive analysis used to describe the characteristics of the variables.

Keyword: Family Business; Unique Resource; Human Capital; Social Capital; Financial Capital; Survivability Capital; Governance Structure


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