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Maturity Assessment of Knowledge Management at ICT & Navigation Business Unit of PT Len Industri (Persero)

I Made Sandika Dwiantara, Dedy Sushandoyo


Abstract. PT. Len Industri (Persero) is a state-owned enterprise engaged in the field of industrial electronics. As a System Integrator Company, LEN especially ICTN Business Unit realize that human resources are valuable assets in the company. Research is aimed to get the solution of the problems, is mainly related to quality of work in project implementation, though Knowledge Management approach. The method will used qualitative and quantitative to explore correlation between Project Management and Knowledge Management. The APO KM Assessment is used as questionnaire tool to identifies area of strength and improvement. The qualitative research is done through in-depth interview to gain empirical information from key personalities of ICTN. Based on Interview, ICTN management has implemented KM concept in their respective working units. Researcher found out that KM practice on ICTN was carried out spontaneously and not systematically. From the 7 categories of APO KM Assessment, the lowest scores in Knowledge Process category, it means knowledge management has not become part of the organization's strategy, and is only used as a tool to facilitate the implementation of work. KM Implementation plan is proposed as the business solution.

Keywords: State-owned enterprise; Project Management; Knowledge Management; APO KM Assessment


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