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Maturity Assessment of Knowledge Management at Directorate General of Electricity, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Malika Alia Rahayu, Achmad Ghazali


Abstract. The need for electricity globally will increase very rapidly, so is in Indonesia. The Directorate General of Electricity (DGE) has the task of organizing the formulation and implementation of policies in the electricity sector. Yet the DGE faces challenges related to its human resources, of which almost half of the current active employees are having tenure under 10 years. Whereas employees who play a key role and have critical knowledge will end the term of service in the next 5 years. This study aims to find the knowledge management (KM) practices in DGE and measure the KM maturity level to develop KM planning at the DGE. This study utilizes APO’s framework and SECI Model from Nonaka. KM implementation strategies from APQC helps to develop KM planning in DGE. This study found that KM maturity level in DGE is in refinement level. To reduce the KM maturity gap, several factors need to be improved: (1). leadership’s support; (2). employees’ involvement; (3). organizational culture; (4). Integration of KM processes in organizational business processes; and (5). Application of technology. This study proposes: (1). formalization of KM implementation; (2). Integrated KM programs and tools; (3). Establishment of the KM team within the DGE.

Keywords: Electricity; Government Institution, Human Resources, Knowledge, Knowledge Management.


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