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Evaluating Performance Appraisal System to Improve Employee Performance in Maja House Indonesia

Hasyim Siraj, Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto


Abstract. Within the globalisation with a competitive environment, human resource has become a necessity for the company to compete in this era. Performance management is part of human resource practices. A company needed a performance management system to support their employee work in the company. The objective of this research was to redesign an effective performance appraisal system in Maja House Indonesia. Primary data was collected using a questionnaire which was distributed to 44 employees in each department. Data were analysed using descriptive statistical, mean analysis techniques, and validate through an interview with the human resource manager of Maja House. The variable used to analyse the current system is from five measurements of ideal performance appraisal that consist of strategic congruence, viability, reliability, acceptability, and specificity. The output of this research gives a new appraisal system for Maja House to improve their performance appraisal system such as: develop new criteria of in appraisal form, develop a formal procedure, and use 360-degree evaluation to reduce the subjectivity of appraiser.

Keyword: Performance appraisal, Performance management, Hospitality, 360-degree evaluation


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