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Assessing Employee Engagement in Local Government : Mojokerto City Government Case

Aditya Wibisono Wachid, Aria Bayu Pangestu


Abstract. Employee engagement is an issue that is widely discussed in the context of organizational management, including government organizations. Mojokerto City Government is one of the local governments that has a vision as a service city. To achieve optimal employee performance, Mojokerto City Government requires employees who are engaged and competent. This study aims to help Mojokerto City Government understand the conditions of employee engagement by conducting employee engagement assessment on Mojokerto City Government employees. This study uses a questionnaire to determine the aspects of employee engagement. With a total sample of 97 employees, this research was conducted in four Local Government Agencies. The results of this study indicate the percentage of employees belonging to Highly Engaged and Moderately Engaged are 62% and 36% while employees who are classified as passive is 2%. In terms of employee engagement outcome, Say has a figure of 78%, Stay at 69% and Strive at 86%. The four lowest drivers are job risk, job security, talent and staffing, and enabling infrastructure. This driver was then taken into consideration as an evaluation and development of human resource programs in Mojokerto City Government.

Keywords: Aon Hewitt; Employee Engagement; Local Government


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