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Designing Compensation System to Increase Devi Khusus Employee Satisfaction

Salma Irfiani Rachmat, Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto


Abstract. Textile and garment industry is one of several industries that have a big contribution for Indonesia GDP in 2018. It is a promising business because the demand is still high. However, the rapid growth of the industry does not always have a good impact on the company. Devi Khusus is one of the examples of the textile and garment company that focused on producing labor and student uniforms. Based on preliminary research, Devi Khusus revenue growth in the last five years has decreased due to unsatisfied employees with existing compensation systems. This research aims to design a new compensation system that can be applied in Devi Khusus to overcome the problem that occurs. Job analysis consisting of job descriptions and job specifications is used in this study as a basis for creating a new compensation system. In improving job analysis, competencies will be used to calculate salaries using job-based structures and point methods as a calculation process. After that, an interview with the owner was conducted to validate the data and ensure that the aspects were in accordance with the company. The result of this study is a new compensation system that can solve the problem in Devi Khusus.

Keywords: Compensation; Basic Salary; Employee Satisfaction

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