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Reducing Elective Surgery Waiting Time at Public Hospital in Bandung

Muhammad Fachry Nindyo Yuwono, Mursyid Hasan Basri


Abstract. A public hospital in the city of Bandung plan to evaluate its elective surgery service performance on the managerial areas using the guideline issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The hospital use waiting time as the indicator of evaluation as stated in the guideline. From January until June 2018, it is discovered that the elective surgery waiting time surpassed the standard, and control chart shows that special-cause variations exist. But the key actors of the elective surgery service agreed that fundamental change of pathway to eliminate common-cause variations is the first thing to do. The elective surgery process is then depicted with BPMN, and then assessed using value-added analysis. The result shows that the elective surgery process is not efficient and it contains activity that does not give value to the patient. So the process work steps sequence is reconstructed, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and some steps are consolidated as an improvement effort to eliminate non-value-added activities and simplify the process. Thus this paper intend to create a to-be process diagram as a proposed solution to make the elective surgery process more efficient, reduce waiting time, increases patient satisfaction, and potentially reduce cost.

Keywords: Hospital; Elective Surgery; Waiting Time; BPMN; Value-Added Analysis


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