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The SME’s Business Model in The E-Commerce 4.0 Era Perspective

Sri Herliana, Nur Lawiyah, Qorri Aina


Abstract. Technology is now developing so fast, now the world has entered the industrial era 4.0. This era created a fast digitalisation rhythm, like in e-commerce technology. E-commerce is an option to transact business virtually. The use of social media became one of the e-commerce channels that were also in demand by sellers and buyers. The existence of e-commerce makes significant and massive changes to traditional business systems, where traditional business transactions occur in the presence of face-to-face. Therefore, this study will discuss e-commerce models in era 4.0, which are in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to describe e-commerce activities in Indonesia and how SMEs conduct e-commerce activities. This research focuses on qualitative exploratory data by analyzing e-commerce parts in Indonesia.

Keywords: e-commerce, ecommerce 4.0, SME


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