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Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Behavior Towards Men Skincare Products in Indonesia

Cornelia Maria Astrid, Fitri Aprilianty


Abstract. Skincare products has been conventionally seen as a women business. As the economy, society, and purchasing power increased, it causes a higher standard of living. The new standard of living causes a shifting behavior on men, who start to have a concern on their health and appearance. As a result, men skincare market in Indonesia is blooming lately. The shifting behavior of men causes dilemma for skincare marketer on how sell the men skincare products. This research intends to find out Indonesian men skincare consumption habits, factors affecting men purchase decision towards men skincare products, and recommendations that can be done by skincare marketers in selling the skincare products. Researcher explores factors (health concern, self-image, aging concern, physical attractiveness, and product attributes) which are adopted from related journals. This research will use PLS-SEM to analyze the relationship between the factors, attitude of using skincare, subjective norms, purchase intention, and purchase behavior. In addition, semi structured interview is conducted to gain more insights. The result indicates that aging concern, self-image, and health concern are affecting men purchase behavior towards men skincare products in Indonesia. The finding of this research is expected to enhance the skincare marketers’ knowledge about Indonesian men and can maximize the selling of men skincare products in Indonesia.

Keyword: Attitude of Using Skincare; Men Skincare Products; Purchase Behavior; Purchase Intention


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