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Factors Influencing Generation Z’s Customer Loyalty in Foreign Fast Food Restaurant in Bandung

Ninda Yulia Dewi, Fitri Aprilianty


Abstract. In the recent years, the competition in foreign fast food industry has become more competitive and intense. The competition in result, drives fast food brand to gain competitive advantage. One of the main concern is customer loyalty, specifically the customer loyalty of younger generation which is a big portion for fast food brand customer segment. It become even more significant as the Generation Z put less commitment on fast food brand. As several studies implied that in an intense business competition, it is necessary to create and maintain customer loyalty. This research aims to identify the factors influencing customer loyalty among Generation Z customers in foreign fast food restaurant. The author has analyzed the relationship between related variables which adapted from previous research such as Service Quality, Food Quality, Price, Promotion, Customer Satisfaction, Acculturation on Global Consumer Culture, and Customer Loyalty. The required data were collected with a survey through an online questionnaire spread to 361 Generation Z fast food customers through social media. PLS-SEM is utilized for the analysis purpose of this research, due to the research objective to find out whether or not there is a relationship among the variables. The result of this research is mean to extend the knowledge of fast food brand marketers regarding the customer loyalty, in which the research found that Empathy, Reliability, Food Quality, Price, Promotion, and Cosmopolitanisms influenced Customer Loyalty in Generation Z foreign fast food customer.

Keywords: Customer Loyalty; Fast Food Restaurant; Customer Satisfaction; Acculturation on Global Consumer Culture


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