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An Explaratory Study of Cosmetics Purchase Intention Attributes: A Study of Indonesian Local Cosmetics Brand in Jakarta and Bandung

Nadya Fionalita, Nurrani Kusumawati


Abstract. Nowadays, women considered beauty as an important issue. Women try their best to enhance their appearance. Therefore, cosmetics has been a top priority for most of women, especially in Indonesia. This lead to increase the number of demand, that caused cosmetics industry as a growing sector in Indonesia. With this increase, arise various kinds of local brand new comer that will result in a very tight competition. Moreover, this competition between local brands is aggravated by the preliminary research’s result that indicate a problem of many customers easy to switch between the local brands and they all stated that they chose only with the brand they were familiar with. This can be concluded that there is a grey area to determine the custumer intention to purchase local cosmetics brand. Therefore, this research aims to analyze and have a better understanding on purchase intention attributes such as brand name, product quality, price, packaging, promotion, service quality store environment and brand familiarity and to investigate the level of purchase intention differences of Wardah, Make Over, BLP, and Rollover Reaction. This data is gathered from 978 women users of local cosmetics brand in Jakarta and Bandung, using quantitative method and tested using PLS-SEM and One-Way Anova. The research findings showed that product quality, price, promotion, service quality, packaging, and brand familiarity have a significant influence on the purchase intention of local cosmetics users. However, brand name and store environment do not significantly influence on the purchase intention of local cosmetics users. Moreover, there is a significantly difference between those brands. With this research result, it could bring an insight to the local cosmetics company to create strategy by enhancing more on these factors that influence the purchase intention of the local cosmetics users to prevent the brand switching behavior, maintain the consumers to stay, and attract new consumers based on what their intention to buy.

Keywords: local cosmetics, brand familiarity, purchase intention


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