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Advocating Customers Perception on Empowerment Value Drivers Towards Customer Relationship in Online Music Streaming Service as A Collaborative Consumption Platform

Salsabilla Mazaya Ramadhani, Reza Ashari Nasution


Abstract. Purpose. Customer advocacy is regarded as the highest level of market orientation. Adopting customer advocacy strategy will increase loyalty and decrease cost significantly. This paper examines the relationship between customer empowerment values and customer relationship’s structural bonds in regards of customer advocacy behavior towards online music streaming service as a collaborative consumption platforms. It will be a major advantage for businesses to be able to understand the most fitting way of applying customer relationship bonds in order to capture the substantial customer empowerment values. Methodology. After reviewing multiple literatures and theories, quantitative approach is done by conducting a survey on advocating customers identified by Net Promoter Score. Collected data are then analyzed using PLS-SEM. Findings. The research resulted in an understanding that all customer empowerment values have a positive relationship towards structural bonds in customer advocacy behavior, however only value for choice and value for involvement have a significant impact. This has given us a meaningful understanding that there are strong correlations between the two theories, of customer empowerment values and customer relationship, and that although customer empowerment values do positively influence customer advocacy behavior as scholars have suggested, the significance aren’t equal.

Keywords: Customer Advocacy; Customer Relationship Bonds; Customer Empowerment Values; Collaborative Consumption; Online Music Streaming Service.


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