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Customer Experience, Satisfaction, and Service Quality of Luxury Hotels in Bali

Aurellia Valeda Mirabel, Fitri Aprilianty


Abstract. Hotels industry is flourishing in Indonesia, especially on the heart of tourism Indonesia, which is Bali. Bali is considered as one of the most prominent tourism attraction in Indonesia thus making the hotel industry very attractive. One of many types of hotels that exist in Bali is luxury hotels. Luxury hotels are hotels that provide a more premium or luxurious aspects compared to non-luxury hotels. There is an urge to determine on how the customer experience, customer satisfaction and service quality in these hotels as there are limited literature that supports it. The researcher will focus on how these three variables correlates and provide a clearer understanding for academics and stakeholders of luxury hotels. The method that will be used is exploratory sequential and will be analyzed using PLS SEM. The researcher finds correlation between the three variables and thus and importance for luxury hotels to increase the quality of the service to create a positive experience that will lead into the customer satisfaction.

Keyword: SERVQUAL ; Customer Experience ;Customer Satisfaction ; Luxury Hotel


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