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Identifying Factors of Continuance Usage Intention of Collaborative Lifestyles Platform

Nabilah Aufaa Maitsa, Reza Ashari Nasution


Abstract. Purpose: This research is aimed to identify the influencing factors of users’ ontinuance usage intention in using collaborative lifestyles platform by using the combination of Expectancy Confirmation Model (ECM) by Bhattacherjee (2001) and E-satisfaction model by Szymanski & Hise (2000) which have not been applied in any collaborative lifestyles research. Design/methodology/approach: Partial Least Square – Structured Equation Modelling is applied on 224 sample collected through online questionnaire sent to sample of users of Airfrov mobile application, which is the most popular collaborative lifestyle platform in the time of this study. Findings: The research shows that the Confirmation, Perceived Usefulness, and Satisfaction are the significant influencing factors of the continuance usage of users in collaborative lifestyles platform. The findings also indicate the key roles of satisfaction, either as direct influencer or mediator from Confirmation and Perceived Usefulness to Continuance Usage Intention. Research limitation: Generalisability of the research may be elevated by collecting more samples and validating the model to a wider range of collaborative lifestyle mobile applications. Originality/value: This study is the first attempt, according to the literature study conducted by the authors, that combined ECM and E-Satisfaction models in a study of digital platforms usage intention, in particular the collaborative lifestyle platform. The study made several contributions to the theory and practice. Theoretical contributions come in the form of identification of the key influencing factors of continuance usage intention of a digital platform, whereas the practical contributions come in the form of recommendation to practitioners on how to improve their digital platform to increase the users’ intention to keep using the platform.

Keywords: Collaborative Consumption; Collaborative Lifestyles; Continuance Usage Intention; Expectancy Confirmation Model; E-satisfaction; Mobile Application


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