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Proposed Marketing Strategy of Seamless – An Additional Service for IndiHome in PT.Telkom Witel Bangka Belitung

Timbul Manalu, Budi Permadi Iskandar


Abstract. Internet revenue growth of PT. Telkom Regional 1 Sumatera continues to decline since October 2018. It is important for corporate to strengthening revenue from its additional services. seamless is one of many additional services for IndiHome subscriber. However, problems related to limited coverage, weak marketing strategy, and the hardest one was the trouble on registration process, are problems that need to be solved. This research proposes marketing strategy to strengthen revenue growth of seamless in Bangka Belitung. This research had conducted several interviews, observation, questionnaire, and analysis to collect data related to this issue. Using SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix, the alternatives strategyy is proposed as solutions for the problems. This research concluded that, even though Witel Bangka Belitung has resources in running wifi business, it has no sustainable competitive resources and capability to win over competitors. Additionally, technology advancement of mobile cellular and the new incoming 5G make it harder for wifi business to sustain. Nevertheless, this paper offers strategy to improve revenue performance. Strategic approach by focusing more on customers, customer education, free product trial, customer incentive, and the use of social media advertising to build brand will be the proposed solutions for Witel Bangka Belitung.

Keywords : customer education, IndiHome, marketing strategy, additional services, seamless


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