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How Celebgram’s Face Appearance on Skincare Endorsement Affect Customer Engagement Intention Through Tri-component Attitude Model

Diandra Marsha Shafiera, Atik Aprianingsih


Abstract. Nowadays, Instagram marketing is growing rapidly with the endorsement system done by celebgrams. Skincare endorsement is one of the popular endorsement sector. The purpose of this research is to analyze the appearance of celebgram’s (endorser) face on the customer’s engagement intention of a skincare endorsement post based on tri-component attitude model. This research conduct questionnaire development which questions are arranged based on the tri-component models (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2004), this study use question items that have been used by Makanyeza (2014) using Likert Scale proceeded with data collection from 370 questionnaire respondents and the result is analyzed using Descriptive Test, Comparative Test Analysis, and Multiple Linear Regression (MLR). This study finds that there is no significant difference in attitude between skincare endorsement post on Instagram which displays the endorser face and the one without, another finding is that both Belief and Feeling variables are significantly related to the Intention to Engage on the endorsement post whether they display the endorser face or not. This study is supposed to be used by practitioners and the academician to give new insight and direct new Instagram marketing innovation

Keywords: Instagram, endorsement, customer engagement intention, tri-component attitude model


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