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Factors Affecting Users’ Purchase Intention From EWOM Reviews in Virtual Community: Using Information Acceptance Model (IACM)

Florentina Vania Santosa, Harimukti Wandebori


Abstract. Today we live in an era where everyone could search for the information they need on the internet. All the information based on personal reviews from people experience using products or service and posted online is called eWOM. Since the beauty industry now is growing rapidly especially in Indonesia, took this opportunity as they became the biggest virtual community (VC) in Indonesia for people sharing their reviews related beauty products. This research is using Information Acceptance Model (IACM) to examine the factors affecting users’ purchase intention from eWOM in virtual community. SmartPLS is used to examine the relationship between latent variables based on the survey collected from 474 respondents. Researcher added a new independent variable which is social capital and the result revealed that eWOM is not only affected by the characteristic of eWOM information and users’ attitude toward information but also from the social capital on the community. This research contributes to make a practical recommendation both for Femaledaily and marketer to maximize the eWOM acceptance that could increase the company’s profit in the future.

Keywords : eWOM; Information Acceptance Model; Purchase Intention


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