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Marketing Strategy for Brand Revitalization of PT Milk Jaejoo Indonesia: Case Study of Brand Silvermilk

Muhammad Aristo, Jacky Mussry


Brand “Silvermilk” has been sold in Indonesia since early 1970’s and become iconic brand since then as part of a global company. At beginning the brand positioned as family nutrition milk fulfilment, then focus on child energy and nutrition to support kids growth. In beginning of 2000’s, the competition in dairy and milk industry become tight and fierce after Nutricia joined with Danone of French and then acquisition SGM brand (one of Indonesia local brand). “Silvermilk” which focus on mass-premium segment of milk powder, slowly starting to lose market share and decreasing sales, while brand “Silvermilk” sister, “Goldenmilk” slowly get the strong position as super premium segment brand from 1990’s to early 2000’s. The market share and sales performance of brand Silvermilk keep decreasing, while the macro indicator suggest that Mass-premium market is the highest growing market compared to Economy and Super-premium category product. Cindy as marketing manager had to make decision and proposal to management to revitalize the Silvermilk brand or keep as it is, which is focus more to Super premium category product, which is Goldenmilk? This case is a complicated choice for marketing marketing managers, while Silvermilk seems the brand equity has been eroded over time, or doing something to revitalize the Silvermilk marketing strategy using management strategy tools and market survey also to understand consumer behaviour to come out with conclusion. Cindy has explore on what is going on with “Silvermilk” strategy, why it lost its market leader position to current market leader. As the Annual planning cycle is imminent, this decision must be immediately taken by management.

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