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Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Towards Male Grooming Product

Khairul Arifin, Annisa Rahmani Qastharin


Abstract. Nowadays, male grooming companies in Indonesia face a high competitive market. The challenges on hundreds of local and imported brand which offer many choices and also the behavior of Indonesian male grooming consumers which tend to go shop around make the condition harder. Companies needs to understand the consumer’s purchase intention concept to be able to acquire new customer and retain existed customer by enhancing purchase behavior, manufacturing appropriate product features and appealing marketing strategy. This research aims to examine the influencing factors towards purchase intention on male grooming products. There are several independent variables include in this research; personal variable, attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, price consciousness, and past experiences. This study has limitations in terms of data availability on the total population of male grooming consumers in Indonesia. Therefore, The Author determined the target population (Gen Z Men in Bandung) and used purposive sampling technique as a reference in selecting samples, which had already collected 507 samples, who has experience consuming at least one male grooming product before. To analyze the result whether there is significant relationship between each independent variable toward dependent variables, The Author use Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) with SmartPLS3 tool. The result shows that there is positive relationship between personal variable with attitude and subjective norm. There is also positive relation between attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control, towards purchase intention. Consumers’s purchase intention is strongly influenced by top 3 direct factors; perceived behavioral control, attitude and subjective norm. The finding of this research is expected to give insightful information for company about predictors of purchase intention towards male grooming product.

Keywords: Attitudes, Male Grooming Product, Past Experience, Perceived Behavioral Control, Personal Variable, Price Consciousness, Purchase Intention, Subjective Norm


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