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Proposed Methodology to Assess Efficiency and Effectiveness of Industry-University Collaboration for Supporting Entrepreneurial University

Akbar Adhiutama, Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono, Noorhan Firdaus Pambudi, Layung Anindya Prasetyanti


Abstract. The shifting paradigm of university from research and teaching university to entrepreneurial university has led to the development of infrastructure in university that focus on maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship. Infrastructures such as technological or science park (Philpot et al., 2007) liaison office, technology transfer office, and business incubator (Etzkowitz, 2004) had been built and developed in several universities in Indonesia. The optimization of those infrastructures had been questioned to get practical implication and contribution in society through well developed and functioned technology in industry. There are needs to be described in the necessary of technology development through entrepreneurial university through the support of industrial collaboration. This study aims to propose several methodologies that appropriate for identifying the needs and interest whether from industry and university to achieve entrepreneurial university criteria. From previous research the methodology is limited to factor analysis to make certain group in several criteria for entrepreneurial university and qualitative methodology for describing the condition of infrastructure readiness for developing entrepreneurial university. In the end this study produces another methodology such as conjoint analysis, analytical hierarchy process, and agent-based modelling to give a brief description of the contribution and policy development in industrial collaboration and infrastructure development which support the goal of entrepreneurial university. The study was conducted by doing some literature review and synthesized it for developing the factor included for developing entrepreneurial university. This study also proposed the challenges of each methodology, how it will be conducted, and provide several questionnaire/research design for each methodology.

Keywords: entrepreneurial university, industrial collaboration, conjoint analysis, analytical hierarchy process, agent-based modelling


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