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Corporate Accelerator: Proposed Implementation of Open Innovation for Start-up and Industry Partnership Model in Indonesia

Rivira Yuana, Eko Agus Prasetio


Abstract. The rapid growth of start-ups in both developed and developing nations is observed due to an increase of entrepreneurship education in the curriculum of formal education institutions. The Open Innovation (OI) has been known since early 2000s where this model was utilized by various organizations to develop strategic partnership and creating a ‘win-win’ scenario. If implemented properly, OI model can generate a better product and services (Pile, 2018). In supporting a start-up’s growth in their initial stage, Corporate Accelerator (CA), as one of OI models, offers a more intensive way. In several cases, contrasting differences between start-up and big company is proven to be a challenge for arranging a partnership. CAs must maximize start-up’s incentives while creating significant profits for them (Kohler, 2016). Since the OI paradigm and how it was related to the industry and start-up partnership model is still rare, this paper tries to provide a conceptual model for an implementation of open innovation in a start-up and industry partnership, especially in Indonesian ICT industry. The limitation is that this conceptual framework and hypothesis have not been tested but the proposed methodology for completing this research is a qualitative study with a top management depth-interview to get the appropriate relationship.

Keywords: open innovation (OI); corporate accelerator (CA); start-up and industry partnership


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