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Acceptance of Subscription Model in Male Grooming Product Using Technology Acceptance Model

Dicky Thomas, Isti Rafaaldini Mirzanti


Abstract. Male grooming product is a potential industry in Indonesia, it is always be related with feminineness, but since some years ago, male grooming market growing rapidly in western countries and developing countries. Even male grooming always seen controvert with value of masculinity, the growth of market in this industry is increasing. The development of start-ups business also impact the male grooming business. It comes with some differentiation using subscription model. This study intends to analyse the factors influencing the acceptance of subscription model for male grooming product in Indonesia. This study using Technology Readiness (TR) and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as the framework and using PLS-SEM to process and analyse the data. The result is both perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness has positive relationship toward intention to use. From TR, optimism and innovativeness has positive relationship toward perceived ease of use. Responsiveness and smartness has positive relationship toward perceived usefulness.

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