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A Correlational Study Between Entrepreneurs Motivation and Self-Perceived Competence

Ignatius Andrian, Rudy Bekti


Abstract. Entrepreneurship is a revolutionary topic. Entrepreneur is significantly giving positive impact to Indonesia (Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia; Bank Indonesia, 2016). Government of Indonesia already gave support, in such form of policies, environment and infrastructure that support entrepreneurship (2008) (Mirzanti, Simatupang, & Larso, 2015). SBM ITB is supporting the growth of entrepreneurs in Indonesia through education by establishing bachelor of entrepreneurship program in 2013 (Ashrawi, 2013). Preliminary study conducted by researcher has shown that in SBM ITB, there are 92.9% supported entrepreneurs from entrepreneurship program batch 2019 face business failures. in Kendari (Yulianti & Muthalib, A. A.) in 2015, stated: there is a strong correlation between entrepreneur motivation on business performance in culinary industry in Kendari. Robichaud, McGraw & Alain (2001) conducted a research to establish a relationship between entrepreneurial performance and entrepreneurs’ motivation; the study discovered that, there is a correlation between the entrepreneur motivational factors and the business performance variables. Entrepreneurs who found the most successful firms gave themselves high ratings on self-assessing their competencies (Chandler & Jansen, 1992. What correlation could be drawn from each motivation, based on hierarchy of needs, with entrepreneurship students of SBM ITB entrepreneurs’ competence? Which motivation show the strongest correlation?

Keywords: entrepreneurship; hierarchy of needs; competence; correlation.


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