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Instagram analysis of luxury cosmetic brand

Carla Avrilia Sheren Pagarintan, Fitri Aprilianty


Abstract. Luxury brands are facing challenging situations as major changes caused by social media started to change the trend and market situations. As the characteristic of luxury brand and social media are different, there are many hesitations happened. Nevertheless, the opportunities for the development from social media toward luxury brand industry can not be ignored. One of social media platform, Instagram, enables luxury brands to interact and have two-way communication with the wider market without any time or distance barrier and it is the best platform with the highest engagement level nowadays. Consequently, many luxury fashion company started to expand their business by shifting to luxury cosmetic industry and having their own Instagram account for it. However, there is still no sufficient literatures that specifically discussed regarding the implementation of luxury brand values by using Instagram effective and efficiently as marketing efforts channel for building engagement between consumer and brands. Thus, researcher exploit luxury cosmetic brand’s Instagram valuaes ( functional, hedonic, symbolic, financial, and relational) adopted from the related journals. Then, researcher used both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative data could be got by using direct content analysis towards Instagram’s practice of five luxury cosmetics brand ( YSL Beauty, Chanel Beauty, Dior Make Up, Gucci Beauty, and Tomford Beauty) by evaluating their performance and gain insights for suggesting recommendation content for luxury cosmetics brand which can level up customer engagement. The result indicates interactions ( likes and comments) showed up more in photo rather video post, but video viewers has the highest number among other interactions. All brand have been verified and connected to website for further information regarding the price tag, product explanation, etc. Then, many features like IGTV, IG shopping, or Instagram Story to support accessibility and updated content to purchase the product has mostly implemented by the brand. Majority photo and video post on weekdays are high in symbolic value mainly focused on authenticity and emphasis on product exclusivity and uniqueness, followed by functional and financial value, also hedonic value which are collaboration content with third parties like models, celebrities, etc and provide exclusive online product offerings and information which impact to high number of likes, views and comments as engagement to the brand. But supported by quantitative data collection using Cross-Tabulation analysis from SPSS, there is no tendency more post, earlier launch date, number of following and time frame to post result in more followers. Also number of followers did not indicate the brand will get more interactions, but active posting content about luxury values significantly affects customer engagement. Thus, the findings expected to enhance the luxury brand’s understandings regarding relation of digital social media platform ( Instagram) for increasing customer engagement and maximizing the usage of it.

Keywords: social media; Instagram; luxury cosmetics brand; customer engagement; content analysis


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