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Understanding Consumer Behavior and Customer Segmentation of Home-made and Ready-to-drink Products

Mytha Kusuma Andini, Melia Famiola


Abstract. The economy growth especially in the food and beverage industry had triggered the emergence of new business in this sector especially some various type of home-made and ready-to-drink products, produced by the small and medium enterprises. This study identified factors that influence the purchase intention towards the products as well as the identification of customer segementation and characteristic. Partisipants completed a set of semi-structured interview and a Theory of Planned Behavior-based questionnaire. Most all of the participants (62,7%) buy this product because of curiousity and statistically demonstrated the factors of attitude (product appearance and packaging practicallity) signifficantly affecting purchase intention as well as perceived behavioral control (functional or health benefit) that also become the antecedent factor. Other variables such as age and occupation influenced the purchase frequency, while income only affect personal habit such as social media use. Segmentation framework using K-means clustering resulting four groups with cluster two profiled as private company employee, appeared as the potential market with its own preference on purchase intention towards a home-made and ready-to-drink product. Focusing on attracting the inquisitiveness about the products using the promminent attributes potentially reinforce the purchase intention of this kind of product.

Keyword : consumer behavior; purchase intention; customer segmentation


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