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Exploring Customers’ Motivation Towards Becoming A Member in Fitness Center: A Case Study of Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java

Sabrina Nadya Anwar, Shimaditya Nuraeni


Abstract. The purpose of this research is to explore and identify the customers’ motivation and the factors behind it to exercise at the gym, notably Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java. The total sample gathered is 370 respondents, including 193 Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java members. This research uses K-Means cluster analysis and One-Way ANOVA to divide and differentiate the respondents into four clusters, then compare the clusters consisting of Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java members towards the frequency of exercise in a month (regularly exercise), also the satisfaction of the members, and the time period that they have been a member in Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java (loyalty). The findings of this research indicates that the most influential variable of motivation is achievement, change, and exhibition. Based on the clusters, regularly exercising is mostly influenced by Order variable, variable that most influenced satisfaction is Achievement, all clusters have relatively high satisfaction score towards Celebrity Fitness Paris van Java, , the cluster that is most loyal has the highest Order variable score and the oldest average age. This case shows that there is no relationship between regularly exercise and satisfaction, but there is a positive relationship between regularly exercise and loyalty..

Keywords: Customers Motivations; Customer Satisfaction; Customer Loyalty; Gym; Regularly Exercise.


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