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I See It, I Buy It, I Regret It : A Study of Online Post-purchase Regret Phenomena of Fashion Products

Valda Izah, Budi Permadi Iskandar


Abstract. From the eye of the parties involved in a shopping experience, purchasers hope to get fulfilment while sellers hope to maintain their buyers. Nevertheless, not every shopping activity yield such outcomes. Particularly that nowadays Internet has made it easier for consumers to purchase fashion products anywhere, consumers are more prone in experiencing regret after purchase. This study aims to dig deeper into types of post-purchase regret that occurs in the context of fashion products online purchases, the factors that affects it and the behavioral consequences following the regret. Qualitative approach of Constructivist Grounded Theory was used in this study. Open ended interview with a total of 19 purposive and 3 theoretical samples of early adults residing in Indonesia were conducted. Through the analysis of initial, focused coding, and categorizing, the finding indicates that there are two types of regret experiences namely Regretting the outcome and Regretting the process. The former includes Product Quality, Product Fit, Product Aesthetics, Product Price and Product Utility, whereas the latter consist of Social Influence, Impulsive Buying, Information Search, and Alternative Evaluation. This study also discovered behavioral consequences following the post-purchase regret including; Anticipating through learning, Complaining, Taking revenge, Switching, Giving up.

Keywords: Post-purchase regret; Behavioral consequences; Grounded theory; Fashion products; Online shopping.


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