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Customers’ Taste Perception Towards Gelato Products (Case Study: Cremeria di Dee Gelato)

Diandra Irawan, Bambang Rudito


Food was the basic need for all living creatures, including humans. Dessert was one of the three main categories of food, serving as the final course. The popularity of dessert was increasing significantly. Artisanal approach was mentioned to be a way of product differentiation. For food product, artisanal could work as an adaptation of international taste to the local taste. Food producers were facing a great challenge due to differences in taste perception and adaptability. 81% of food buying decision depended on taste. Difference in taste perception was a major contributor for this challenge (Fatka, 2018). In fact, taste influenced buying decision more than price. The sustainability of a food business highly depended on the customers’ liking towards the product. This was the main homework for a product developer to be able to create product that could satisfy the needs and wants of customer, which in this case was hold by Diandra Irawan, as the Gelatiere or Gelato Master of Cremeria di Dee Gelato. The fitness between product and customer could create a long-term relationship between them, which was usually called loyalty. Loyalty could support the business to be sustained. Aside from being the Gelatiere, Diandra Irawan was also the owner of Cremeria di Dee Gelato. The company was soon celebrating its second anniversary. Diandra beliefs that now was the right time for the company to expand its market to Jakarta, before the year of 2019 ended. She wondered whether the products she offered had already met the customers’ preference to have a good foundation prior to business’s expansion. Several research methods used in this study were Core Competencies (Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas), STP Analysis, Data Analysis, Benchmark Analysis, Sensory Analysis, and SWOT Analysis to validate the market and product to achieve its fitness.

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