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Proposed Marketing Strategy for Nebulae Cymbals

Sheryta Arsallia, Herry Hudrasyah


After a long history that began around 5.000 B.C., nowadays cymbal is one of the most important equipment for drummers. Nebulae, a local cymbal brand, is one of the known brands in Indonesia. It is a family owned SME, which was established in 1998. However, from 2010 the company had been suffering from a gradually decreasing sale. At the first 20 years, the company had produced only brass cymbals which targeted entry-level drummers and music studio rentals. Starting 2018, the company had been producing B20 cymbals which targeted medium to professional level drummers, which expected to support the sales increase. However, by the end of 2018, the sales record shows no significant increase. Therefore, this research focuses on Nebulae B20 cymbals as the research object.

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