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Propose Brand Strategy to Achieve Virality for Architecture Company

Feby Adevia, Sonny Rustiadi


Sudutemu Architect (CV Adevia) is a service company provides design and build architecture services includes design consultancy in exterior and interior design. The design value of Sudutemu Architect is local aspects combined with contemporary design. The people’s design perspective tend to leads to western design that does not fit in tropical country like Indonesia. This study is aimed to propose brand strategy to disrupt people’s design perspective. The study method used in this analysis was qualitative data analysis. First, define the main factor of tipping points theory which become the bases theory of this analysis. The internal and external analysis of Sudutemu Architect needed to support it. The internal analysis includes Core Competencies and STP analysis. External analysis includes Six Degrees of Separation and Affective Communication Test. Internal and external analysis generates several data to accumulate into new strategy. Benchmarking Analysis used an in-depth interview about their architect studio related to the branding activity. The solution from previous analysis leads to branding activation includes messages development with treasure hunt technique, visual blending, eye movement method, and repetition technique, messages deployment and publicity in social media and architecture online platform. The branding activation solution in this research is using the three main strategy in tipping point theory. First is the law of the few that generates people division to help message deployment. The stickiness factor that generates messages content and easy accessible social media (Instagram, whatsapp app, line app). The last is the power of context generates final touch of messages content to architecture onlilne platform (archdaily and dezeen).

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