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Factors Influencing the Adoption of Digital Banking in Indonesia

Geraldo Kiliari, Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto


Abstract. Banking is an industry which handles cash, credit, and other financial transactions. People use it to have savings accounts, deposit wealth, even to borrow money. By using banks, people will have a safe place to deposit their excess cash, and also to have a facility to lend them extra cash. Innovation, technology-led disruption, convergence and data and analytics are reshaping the banking industry. The findings of this study will help the banking industry in developing strategic plans to promote digital banking products and services in future. The author specified on Jenius and Digibank because they are the only banks which are legally listed as digital banks in Indonesia. This research is also limited to the factors why consumers use – or not – digital banking. This research does not focus on how the digital banks compete with conventional banks. The method used in this research is multiple linear regression with the data from questionnaires referencing the previous research on DOI and TAM in the Digital Banking industries to analyse the factors influencing the adoption of digital banking in Indonesia.

Keywords: adoption; digital banking; factors.


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